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Gábor Süveg is a Hungarian visual artist who captures the hidden beauty of moments, feelings, and aims to open our eyes and to guide us to perceive our precious natural and cultural surroundings differently. He exclusively uses analogue cameras for his photography and the film is processed by himself. Thanks to his approach and techniques, printed exposures are limited to a few pieces and signed, thus to ensure that images remain unique. His work has been exhibited at prominent galleries around the world, such as in New York, Miami, Paris, Budapest, Wiener Neustadt and Sopron.

  • 2012. Dec: Budapest, Akvarellek / Paitings
  • 2013. Apr-May: Esztergom, Napraforgó illusztrációk
  • 2013. June-Sept: New York, Photos
  • 2013. Oct: New York, Photos
  • 2013. Dec: Miami, Photos
  • 2014. June: Budapest, Koncertfotók
  • 2014. July: New York, Photos
  • 2014. Sept: National Geographic/online, Photo
  • 2014. Sept: New York, Photos
  • 2014. Oct-Dec: Sopron, Photos
  • 2014. Dec-Jan: Sopron, Photos
  • 2015. July: Párizs, Louvre / Photo
  • 2015. December: Miami, Photos
  • 2016. July: New York, Photos
  • 2016. July-Sept: Sopron
  • 2016. Nov-Dec: Wr. Neustadt, Photos
  • 2016. Dec: Sopron, Photos
  • 2017. Apr-Sep: Sopron, Photos
  • 2017. July-Sep: Sopron, Photos
  • 2017. Aug: Dregelypalank, Hungary, Photos
  • 2017. Oct: Sopron, Photos
  • 2017. Oct-2018-Jan: Vienna, Photos
  • 2017. Nov-Dec: Esztergom, Hungary, Photos
  • 2017. Nov-Dec: Budapest, Hungary, Paintings
  • 2017. Dec- 2018. Jan: Sopron, Hungary, Photos

Our skills

We work to improve our skills

  • Fineart Photography98%

  • Event Photography92%

    • Paitings94%

    • Illustrations87%

Custom prints

Custom limited-edition prints available in various sizes upon request. Contact me for further information.

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